The gift of giving

Posted On December 12, 2010

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As the days grow fewer and fewer towards Christmas, and knitters across the world frantically click their sticks together in hopes of finishing their projects, I kind of stopped and thought about giving knitted gifts. For me, giving someone something special, something handmade, almost a piece of myself is something I would love to do all the time and really rewarding for me. Knowing that I will be making someone else happy while doing something that makes me happy can’t get much better. But there are those times when you stop and say…. ‘should I have given that person a knitted item’, that doesn’t happen much to me luckily and now I only knit for people whom I know will appreciate the gift or who have requested me knit them something, this works and makes for no regrets and a whole lot of knitterly love. I think I enjoy giving gifts better than receiving them : ) Unless of course it’s yarn!

Speaking of knitting gifts, I have two pairs of fingerless gloves on the needles, I’m a sucker for fingerless mitts and think i have knit just about more mitts than I have socks. They are just so easy, practicle and seem to be really popular gifts.
Target Gloves
I started these Target Gloves for my dad for christmas, The middle chunk is actually knitted in Berocco Peruvia in the leftovers from knitting his Henley. I thought it might be cute to have matching gloves to go with the sweater. These are knitting up so quickly, I have already on the cuff of the second
Target Gloves WIP

One of my tropical mitts are done and the stripes were so fun to knit.
Tropical Fingerless Gloves

However, I don’t think I used the best method of carrying the yarn up through the work so I ended up with a whole lot of ends to weave in…
Tropical Fingerless Gloves WIP
a bit scary dont you think?


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