Summer Sewing

Posted On December 15, 2010

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Lately I have been eager to exercise my other crafty abilities and sewing came quickly to mind since I have developed quite a stash of fabric… even when I dont sew.. weird isint it? So I took a break from my knitting and grabbed the good old sewing machine out of the cupboard, threaded it up and plugged it in and to my surprise I actually got something sewn together

{Summer Wallet} by {Lola Nova}
Summer Wallet 2
I used a pair of old jeans and fabric scraps to sew myself a new wallet.
Summer Wallet 3
The fabric is really cute and I enjoyed working with it
Summer Wallet 1
This has been my first sewing project for a while and I think I will definitely krank out the machine again this summer.


2 Responses to “Summer Sewing”

  1. mikka

    That is lovely! I love the pattern on the fabric, you did an amazing job! I’m so jealous – everything I’ve ever tried to sew turns into a giant asymmetrical mess.

  2. Oiyi

    This is such a cute wallet. A nice way to use up the fabric scraps.

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