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Posted On December 30, 2010

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Before I tell you about my latest FO, I would like to wish everyone a happy and joyful New Year and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas as well. Christmas for us was quiet this year but filled with delicious food as always, all the handknitted gifts were very well appreciated and I have already spotted my mum wearing the socks I knit for her around the house : )
Double V 1
{Double V Cardi} by {Mellisa Wehrle}
This cardigan was knit in Sublime Organic Cotton DK, and was my second sweater. I think I’m pretty happy overall but there are a few things I would of liked to change. My camera was acting up so I only have this one shot for you at the moment. I modified the sleeves because I didn’t want really loose fitting sleeves and I shortened the length of them as well, I don’t know if that was such a good idea though as my arms are quite badly sunburnt and tanned already! My seaming needs to be improved, but I’m hoping to knit more in the round sweaters because I’m really not one for sewing. But overall I am happy with this summer cardi and am excited about the prospect of knitting more ; )


3 Responses to “Double V FO”

  1. Oiyi

    It’s beautiful! That’s one of the reasons why I love knitting in the round, no seaming.

  2. tiny.angry

    Happy New Year!!
    That is a lovely cardigan :3

  3. Emma

    Beautiful cardi, it looks great in cream!

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