The year of the Sweater(s)

Posted On January 7, 2011

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I know it’s a bit late, but I hope everyone had a delightful New Year’s celebration and are all very excited about the possibilities 2011 bring. I went on a bit of a holiday just after the new year, so I haven’t been able to blog about my knitting. I actually have been knitting like a lunatic, and I’m not exaggerating! I have really been in the mood and it seems like finally – the sweater bug has truly got to me! All I have worked on, thought about and looked at the past few weeks have been sweaters so, for me, 2011 will be the Year of the Sweaters! 

I’ll start off with a FO, thats right I managed to knock off a whole sweater in one week : ) Though it was a simple stockinette, raglan in the round with some moss stitch trims, just something simple to get me started.

{Magenta Mossy}

Magenta Mossy 2

I have really come to love those raglan sleeves, they always fit just right and no seaming needed – perfect.
Magenta Mossy 3
But no, I didn’t stop there, I cast on for Annabel, a really simple garter stitch pullover pattern.
I really love the soft colours in this yarn, It reminded me of how fun colourful yarn can be – I haven’t knit with it in so ages because sometimes the yarn looks better on the hank then in does knit up with many variegated yarns I have come across. I have finished the body and just have to transfer the sleeve stitches on to needles and knit the 3/4 sleeves.


One Response to “The year of the Sweater(s)”

  1. Emma

    Speed demon! Magenta Mossy looks so warm and cosy!

    Know exactly what you mean about variegated yarn – what looks good in the skein doesn’t necessarily translate to nice fabric. Your Annabel is looking great though, the subtle variation works so well with the garter stitch.

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