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Posted On January 10, 2011

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When I was asked by friends and family, what I would like for Christmas this year only one thing truly came to mind. And as this is a knitting blog, I bet you can take one guess what I asked for….
Plymouth Tweed 2
Amoung the various amounts of yarn I recieved, a single parcel all the way from Webs in America stood out and as I ripped open the packaging a huge smile immediatley occupied my face. Inside this parcel (which felt like treasure!) was 300g of Plymouth Tweed (pictured above) and a sweaters worth of Cascade 220 Heathers in a beautiful teal blue colourway, I knew just what I wanted that yarn to become, and so I cast on!

I’ve had the Basic Chic Hoodie in my favourites for a while now and have been planning to make it before winter arrives this year so I have something casual to wear with jeans, plus I’m a sucker for hoodies! Cascade 220 was perfect for the sweater and so far, knitting up perfectly.Basic Chic Hoodie WIP 2
I am really enjoying knitting this, it is knit top down with raglan sleeves which so far seems the most appealing way to knit a sweater. I have finished the body and just picked up for the hood, which looks like it will take some time to knit. It also features these adorable pockets fitted in at the ribbing which will look so cute : )Basic Chic Hoodie WIP 1
I am so excited to see how this turns out, I just need to keep going – hopefully I can keep my interest and finish it without starting something else.


2 Responses to “mm treasure!”

  1. tiny.angry

    That Plymouth tweed is GORGEOUS ; w;
    I can’t wait to see how the hoodie turns out.

  2. Emma

    That tweed is beautiful! Great colour for the hoodie too, it’ll be so warm in Cascade 220.

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