Basic Chic Hoodie FO

Posted On January 19, 2011

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What a great pattern! So versatile, basic, neat and ahh seamless : )
This was more than a pleasure to knit and it almost finished all too soon. The yarn I used (Cascade 220) was so easy and lovely to work with and I can’t say enough good things about the pattern.

{Basic Chic Hoodie} by {Bonne Marie Burns}
Chic Hoodie 4
It’s quite a close fit but is ever so warm when buttoned up!
Chic Hoodie 3

Chic Hoodie 2

I love, love, love these adorable mini pockets! I debated about whether or not to put buttons in and chose not to since the pockets are so small

Chic Hoodie 1
Such a simple, classic sweater great for all Spring, Autumn or Winter!


6 Responses to “Basic Chic Hoodie FO”

  1. tiny.angry

    Oh it turned out fabulous! =D Those mini pockets are too cute ; w;

  2. sillylittlelady

    super super cute! This is definitely making me want to cast on for one for myself 😀

  3. Preeti

    I love the fit of this sweater, it’s a lovely project that’s come off your needles!

  4. Emma

    It’s beautiful Maya! The colour, the buttons, the pockets… everything.

  5. Larissa Goulart

    It’s very beautiful

  6. Andrea

    This looks like the most perfect and cozy sweater for cuddling up somewhere!

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