And I cast on, and on, and on

Posted On January 23, 2011

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I needed a break from big projects that often take weeks to complete, so I looked through my bag of one skeins and went crazy casting on for simple accessories. I started with a pair of red gloves that a friend had ask me to make for her mid last year! It has certainly taken me sometime to knit these gloves even though they are basic stockinette gloves. Having cast these off I looked at them and it striked me that these needed something more than what was already there so I thought of embellishing them with buttons. My friend loves all things cute so when I saw these adorable mice buttons I knew they would be perfect!
Mousy Gloves 2

And a closer look at the buttons

Mousy Gloves

These finished quickly so I cast on for a pair of quite unusual worsted weight socks

Stripe those Purls Socks

I’m knitting these using the leftover Cascade 220 and the Plymouth Tweed worsted. I’m striping the colours while knitting garter stitch which is making for an interesting result that is quite fun to knit!

I also cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves for me, I am yet to knit a pair for myself that is soft enough to wear. I didn’t have the right amount of yarn to make pair of fingerless gloves so I used a bag of worsted weight scraps to make a pair of random stripey gloves, which I have taken to. I have just cast on for the second glove

Thumbs Up Gloves WIP

The only issue is, swapping those colours all the time can be a bit annoying and I have to carry the whole bag of scraps and scissors with me wherever I go with this project, hopefully I can finish it before I lose my patience ; )


4 Responses to “And I cast on, and on, and on”

  1. sillylittlelady

    i love the colors of the gloves you’re making for yourself!

  2. Emma

    I love your fingerless gloves! Just a great way to use up scraps.

    The red mouse buttons are so sweet too, they look like they match the red of the gloves perfectly.

  3. tiny.angry

    I really like the colors of your fingerless gloves :3

    And the mouse buttons on your friends gloves are too adorable!

  4. Kelly

    It may be annoying to carry all the extra’s around but they are lovely!

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