Thumbs up for the Gloves!

Posted On January 31, 2011

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{Thumbs up Gloves}

After weaving in what seemed like a gazillion ends on these quite odd-looking gloves I am more than happy to say they are done! And I’m loving them.
Thumbs Up Gloves 4
These are definitely my favourite pair of gloves I have made for myself and I really do see myself wearing these a lot this winter!Thumbs Up Gloves 2
I basically used odds and ends of worsted weight yarn and striped them at random intervals. I had the idea for this for some time but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to go about it. Would I buy 50g worth of coordinating colours? Would I just use scraps? Would I stripe them exactley the same? I had a lot of options, but it did feel silly to go out and buy numerous amounts of skeins just for one pair of fingerless gloves, so scraps it was!
Thumbs Up Gloves 3
They ended up taking my a bit more time then I expected, but it was worth it and it seems some of my friends like the idea as well and I have a few requests for birthday pressies!
Thumbs Up Gloves 1
I guess I have to start saving up those worsted weight scraps! : )


2 Responses to “Thumbs up for the Gloves!”

  1. tiny.angry

    They turned out super lovely! They so look comfy and warm.

  2. Emma

    You should be really proud of them, they look awesome!

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