Copy Cat Hat FO

Posted On February 6, 2011

Filed under Finished Projects

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Hats, beanies, berets call them what you like, I’ve always had a love for the hand knitted variety. I have spent many afternoons sifting through the hat patterns on Ravlery adding more and more to my favourites. Despite this love for knitted headwear, I’ve only ever knitting 3! As I contemplated this, I decided that it needs to change – and there’s no time like the present, so I cast on for this.

{Copy Cat Hat} by {Terra Jameison}

Copy Cat Hat 1

Copy Cat Hat 2
It’s been a while since I’ve knitting something directly from a pattern without modifying it, and it feels good to know that the math, calculation and sizing are in the hands of someone else and all I have to do is just sit back and knit.

Copy Cat Hat 3
Hats are such a gratifying knit and I definitely want to have a collection of my own knitted hats by the end of this year.


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