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Hi there : ) My name is Maya and I live in Australia as you can tell love knitting. I don’t know what it is about it, I just really enjoy the process, the yarn and the end product. I learnt as when I was about 7 but in 2009 I was sick for a long period of time and needed something to do while I was resting in the house, it was then that I discovered the online world of knitting and now between going to school, browsing for patterns and taking photos all I ever seem to do is knit.

I originally was hosted at Squarespace and when I switched over to WordPress I sadly lost all of my posts, however all of my pictures were saved on my Flickr account which is linked up the top of this page
If you have any questions about the photoblog or me or my knitting please email me at piccinoluna@gmail.com or leave a comment

Have a great day


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