And finally, here comes Thermal

Posted On February 6, 2011

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Thermal by Laura Chau has been a pattern that I have adored for sometime. It’s just so wearable, comfy and warm looking. There is no doubt that this is a very popular pattern as 1016 thermals have been listed on Ravelry alone, and sure it helps that it’s free. I’ve been waiting for the right time to knit thermal, I needed to know that my skills in sweater knitting were good enough to take on something so fitted and I really do think I’ve had enough practise with sweaters and sizing to give it a go.
Thermal WIP 1
The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but I had some Donegal Tweed in mind in a heavier weight, so I’m rearranging the pattern a bit so I can knit a thicker version.
Thermal WIP 2
I’m just loving working with this yarn, if you can see in the photo it has tiny flecks of yellow and orange mixed in this beautiful soft blue, it’s knitting up like a dream and I’m really happy I chose this yarn for the project. I can’t wait to see how this ends up!


And I cast on, and on, and on

Posted On January 23, 2011

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I needed a break from big projects that often take weeks to complete, so I looked through my bag of one skeins and went crazy casting on for simple accessories. I started with a pair of red gloves that a friend had ask me to make for her mid last year! It has certainly taken me sometime to knit these gloves even though they are basic stockinette gloves. Having cast these off I looked at them and it striked me that these needed something more than what was already there so I thought of embellishing them with buttons. My friend loves all things cute so when I saw these adorable mice buttons I knew they would be perfect!
Mousy Gloves 2

And a closer look at the buttons

Mousy Gloves

These finished quickly so I cast on for a pair of quite unusual worsted weight socks

Stripe those Purls Socks

I’m knitting these using the leftover Cascade 220 and the Plymouth Tweed worsted. I’m striping the colours while knitting garter stitch which is making for an interesting result that is quite fun to knit!

I also cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves for me, I am yet to knit a pair for myself that is soft enough to wear. I didn’t have the right amount of yarn to make pair of fingerless gloves so I used a bag of worsted weight scraps to make a pair of random stripey gloves, which I have taken to. I have just cast on for the second glove

Thumbs Up Gloves WIP

The only issue is, swapping those colours all the time can be a bit annoying and I have to carry the whole bag of scraps and scissors with me wherever I go with this project, hopefully I can finish it before I lose my patience ; )

mm treasure!

Posted On January 10, 2011

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When I was asked by friends and family, what I would like for Christmas this year only one thing truly came to mind. And as this is a knitting blog, I bet you can take one guess what I asked for….
Plymouth Tweed 2
Amoung the various amounts of yarn I recieved, a single parcel all the way from Webs in America stood out and as I ripped open the packaging a huge smile immediatley occupied my face. Inside this parcel (which felt like treasure!) was 300g of Plymouth Tweed (pictured above) and a sweaters worth of Cascade 220 Heathers in a beautiful teal blue colourway, I knew just what I wanted that yarn to become, and so I cast on!

I’ve had the Basic Chic Hoodie in my favourites for a while now and have been planning to make it before winter arrives this year so I have something casual to wear with jeans, plus I’m a sucker for hoodies! Cascade 220 was perfect for the sweater and so far, knitting up perfectly.Basic Chic Hoodie WIP 2
I am really enjoying knitting this, it is knit top down with raglan sleeves which so far seems the most appealing way to knit a sweater. I have finished the body and just picked up for the hood, which looks like it will take some time to knit. It also features these adorable pockets fitted in at the ribbing which will look so cute : )Basic Chic Hoodie WIP 1
I am so excited to see how this turns out, I just need to keep going – hopefully I can keep my interest and finish it without starting something else.

The year of the Sweater(s)

Posted On January 7, 2011

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I know it’s a bit late, but I hope everyone had a delightful New Year’s celebration and are all very excited about the possibilities 2011 bring. I went on a bit of a holiday just after the new year, so I haven’t been able to blog about my knitting. I actually have been knitting like a lunatic, and I’m not exaggerating! I have really been in the mood and it seems like finally – the sweater bug has truly got to me! All I have worked on, thought about and looked at the past few weeks have been sweaters so, for me, 2011 will be the Year of the Sweaters! 

I’ll start off with a FO, thats right I managed to knock off a whole sweater in one week : ) Though it was a simple stockinette, raglan in the round with some moss stitch trims, just something simple to get me started.

{Magenta Mossy}

Magenta Mossy 2

I have really come to love those raglan sleeves, they always fit just right and no seaming needed – perfect.
Magenta Mossy 3
But no, I didn’t stop there, I cast on for Annabel, a really simple garter stitch pullover pattern.
I really love the soft colours in this yarn, It reminded me of how fun colourful yarn can be – I haven’t knit with it in so ages because sometimes the yarn looks better on the hank then in does knit up with many variegated yarns I have come across. I have finished the body and just have to transfer the sleeve stitches on to needles and knit the 3/4 sleeves.

Knitting and math??

Posted On December 24, 2010

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My shipment of Sublime organic cotton DK came in a few days ago, just in time for some Christmas knitting : ) I immediately started the Double V Cardigan   and gosh I am excited! I have knitted a bit more than the photo below, since I just bound off for the back.
Double V WIP 1
This is only my second ever  go at knitting a sweater and I never knew how much note taking, counting and maths could be involved in knitting. This pattern has you begin the neck shaping before the side shaping is completed and then the neck shaping continues while the armhole and shoulder shaping is worked. For me, a relatively new knitter this is a  lot to handle, but I’m happy powering through it and will be delighted when I’m done and can wear something I truly made myself.

I also cast on for a pair of bright pink anklets, but they will be hibernating for a while since I can’t stop knitting this sweater!
Pink Anklets

The gift of giving

Posted On December 12, 2010

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As the days grow fewer and fewer towards Christmas, and knitters across the world frantically click their sticks together in hopes of finishing their projects, I kind of stopped and thought about giving knitted gifts. For me, giving someone something special, something handmade, almost a piece of myself is something I would love to do all the time and really rewarding for me. Knowing that I will be making someone else happy while doing something that makes me happy can’t get much better. But there are those times when you stop and say…. ‘should I have given that person a knitted item’, that doesn’t happen much to me luckily and now I only knit for people whom I know will appreciate the gift or who have requested me knit them something, this works and makes for no regrets and a whole lot of knitterly love. I think I enjoy giving gifts better than receiving them : ) Unless of course it’s yarn!

Speaking of knitting gifts, I have two pairs of fingerless gloves on the needles, I’m a sucker for fingerless mitts and think i have knit just about more mitts than I have socks. They are just so easy, practicle and seem to be really popular gifts.
Target Gloves
I started these Target Gloves for my dad for christmas, The middle chunk is actually knitted in Berocco Peruvia in the leftovers from knitting his Henley. I thought it might be cute to have matching gloves to go with the sweater. These are knitting up so quickly, I have already on the cuff of the second
Target Gloves WIP

One of my tropical mitts are done and the stripes were so fun to knit.
Tropical Fingerless Gloves

However, I don’t think I used the best method of carrying the yarn up through the work so I ended up with a whole lot of ends to weave in…
Tropical Fingerless Gloves WIP
a bit scary dont you think?

Tropical Yarn

Posted On December 10, 2010

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I have had a lot of time since summer break so I had time to do some dyeing in the last few days. I don’t know what came over me but I think I was swept away by the summer atmosphere and I dyed three lots of yarn in very co-ordinating tropical colours!

Tropical Yarn

These are quite bright and not at all colours I would usually knit with but they are really fun to knit with, each yarn is a semi solid with touches of lighter and darker shades. I’m knitting them up into fingerless mittens since I am still waiting for my Sublime cotton DK for my Double V Cardigan to come in. These will be a christmas present for a friend who is mad about colour, hopefully she will enjoy the tropical colours as much as I do!

Tropical Mitts WIP