Basic Chic Hoodie FO

Posted On January 19, 2011

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What a great pattern! So versatile, basic, neat and ahh seamless : )
This was more than a pleasure to knit and it almost finished all too soon. The yarn I used (Cascade 220) was so easy and lovely to work with and I can’t say enough good things about the pattern.

{Basic Chic Hoodie} by {Bonne Marie Burns}
Chic Hoodie 4
It’s quite a close fit but is ever so warm when buttoned up!
Chic Hoodie 3

Chic Hoodie 2

I love, love, love these adorable mini pockets! I debated about whether or not to put buttons in and chose not to since the pockets are so small

Chic Hoodie 1
Such a simple, classic sweater great for all Spring, Autumn or Winter!